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Today July 16, 2018 the speedometer stopped working on my 2001 volvo s40 and the abs light came on as well as the brake light. How can I fix these issues?
my low beam right headlight stopped working can I repair the cem on Volvo s40
What exactly is that code
I've switched the relay 3 times the hazard switch twice still nothing could the cem have something to do with this and if so can I use one from the salvage yard and how are they removed
I have a 2000 Volvo s40 and it starts and turns off if my foot is not on the gas I was told I need a tune up and spark plugs. Is that true my check enigine light is on
The computer is having trouble recognising sensors and as a result the engine light will not turn off all the time and when it does turn off, the computer still does not recognise this(the sensors).
The ABS module/brake light will not go off. The odometer will not work either, which affects engine idle. I have been all over the place in our area trying to get help with this problem so my car can pass the annual smog inspection,I have spent a lot of $ but have gotten no solution to the problem. Time is running out. If anyone reading this has any answers, please let me know. Thank you
the speedometer and the fuel gauge no longer work. the indicator light of the fuel gauge is on no matter the quantity of fuel in the tank
We need to get our 2000 Volvo S40 to run again because we cannot afford a new car. The Volvo dealership estimates $5,000 in repairs but I don't buy that. Is there anyone out there that knows about these cars? The engine revs when you're driving it causing the driver to have to pull over and throw it into neutral to try to get it running correctly again. This has not been a very safe situation. Can someone help?
i got aoil change about feb. this year the man told me i need a valve gasket cover i hope i am saying the part name right .so i forgot until the two week ago i look at mydrive there where all my oil had link out i see it all on the left tire so what i should do
My friend changed my oil and my car cranks like normal but when you press the gas to go it revs up but does not move
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