Q: Volvo rolled away in park on 2001 Volvo V70 XC

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My car rolled away in park. I can be in the car and put it in park, take my foot off the break and it rolls. Then yesterday I put it in reverse and it would not go. It sounded like it was in neutral.
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If you're lucky this is a shift cable, but on a 2001 V70, there's a good chance the transmission is going out. I agree with Zee, find a good Volvo shop to look at this. Find some here:
I have heard that too now that i have been looking. My daughter has the V70 so I hope she is lucky and that doesn't happen to her. She has over 100 thousand on her Volvo as well.
the shift cable needs to be adjusted or has some wron out parts. take it to a trans shop for a check up.

thank you, the Volvo dealer told my a bolt had stripped going to my axle. They said that would take care of the problem. But when I got home it was still doing it. So I will take it back on Fri. It does sound like something in the shifter. I can hear a cable sound when I push on the peddle lightly. I hope it isn't my transmission :(
As Roy suggested it, get the shift cable checked / adjusted. Most shop will be able to do it, but your best bet is always a Volvo specialty shop.

I have been into the Volvo shop 3 times in the last 5 days :( so I thank all of you for your idea about the shift cable. I have always had Volvo service my car and I am not hard on my car. They also said I need brake pads but the rotors are under sized. I have never replaced them before so how could they be. Also they said my right CV boot needs replacing but they said I have an after market axle. I have never put on an axle before so how could in not be the right one. I have been the only owner. Or is it that I am a girl :)