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Q: volvo covertable roof on 1999 Volvo C70

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how do i open storage area if i cant open it by cranking with handle inside trunk i cant see any way to access inside it will unlock by turning tool anti clockwise one full turn but lid wont move when cranked by handle thanks to dandd for previous response
Hey Willie,
This is tough to try and guide you through how this should be done, it's one of those things you need to see to be able to figure out. This will be best to have a Volvo tech look at this, do you have one near you?
hi thanks for your response i did have it scanned and it needs a new motor on the left side and a potiometer on the right and was quoted 3000 dollars i can get the parts a lot cheaper and i know it will need scanned again after fitting but i cant afford 3 k for then to fix it so back to not knowing how to access storage area
That sounds like a loot of money for a new motor and potentiometer. The storage area will not open if the top is not closed. The way the system knows the top is not closed is from a micro-switch, so that is where I would check.
Where are you located?
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