2011 Volvo C70 Questions

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It happens when I have been driving over two hours. No warning
I hear a whirling noise when the car is in neutral/park or when the car is stopped. The noise seems to go away when I accelorate.
Any idea what could cause this? i thought it might be a stone caught up in the brake somewhere but i cannot see anything without removing tire. its coming from passenger front tire in the brake area. it just started out of nowhere, car has like 30,000 miles on it so its pretty young still.
I have a 2011 C70. Until I figure out what caused the top to malfunction, I want to disable the alarm. I tried removing fuse # 15 (F15 4/59 Convertible Roof Module (CRM), C70 30Amp) but it did not work. How else do I turn this off?
How long have you had this problem? a month
I noticed that occasionally hitting a small bump will make the alarm sound. Now the alarm wont go off. 2nd time to dealer with this problem. They are running diagnostics today but I can bet they will come up with a reason to try to charge me $$$$$. I love my car but I am soooo frustrated
The alarm stays on always
The car goes into limp mode with the warning. Dealer replaced the Throttle Body. Got it back today and it did the same thing. Electronic or mechanical problem? Air injection relay? Any ideas?
Service center can't find problem. No codes stored in system. I even drove to the shop with the alarm going off. The only way to stop it is to put the top down and back up. Am worried about safety. Help!
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