2009 Volvo C70 Questions

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The car is a 2013 Volvo C70 and the back headliner came loss
the headliner has fallen, the brackets have come loose and headliner torn
changing oil, need to know size of oil filter wrench to remove oil filter
My 2009 Volvo c70 is making a weird noise when it sits at idle and when I Rev the engine up to about 2,500 rpms. I also noticed that the car hesitates when I try to speed up when it's in automatic mode and when I am using the tipstronic shifter, I've noticed that I have to go to an higher rpm to get to a high speed. It has around 68,800 miles on it
Was starting to drive my car and there was an extremely loud noise coming from near the front passenger tire. It sounded like I was dragging a metal box spring mattress. The noise sounded very metallic. Had it once before and went away within a few minutes. The noise now has not gone away. If I brake it appears to get somewhat quieter but still noisy. Any ideas.
Have taken it 4 times to the mechanic that specializes in Volvo repairs. Diagnostics show nothing wrong with the vehicle. Can not duplicate it not starting. It will jump and then I can drive it around fine. After about 1 1/2 days in an attached garage and not driving, then car is totally dead. So much so I can't even get the key out of the ignition. The only thing I am doing differently than the mechanic is that they are locking the door at night and I am not.
I have a 2009 Volvo c70 and I am having trouble with my left foot getting dripped on when I apply the brakes with a bit of force. It is at the dealership for the second time now. The first time they thought it was condensation and "re adjusted the plates so it would drain." This time they have had a "hose on it for 4 hours and it is still dry." Any ideas?
when the cap is off the sound stops and there is a suction at the opening from hole where oil goes.
I check lights ect. before leaving the car. The battery occurs spontanelsy. 3months sooner. It unpredictable. I have had it in the shop. They cannot find what the problem is. Please help me with this mystery.
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