2008 Volvo C70 Questions

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I turn the key to start and there is nothing, so I turn it back to off position and back to starting position and it starts no problem. I just recently had the battery changed. Could this be a plug issue or is it a starter/ignition problem?
we tried opening the car with our key fobs,but neither one worked. how can we get into the car?
The deflector works to the Windshield and the Floor, but not the Face.

Are their known problems from Computer Updates?

(Of course Dealer Service implies one of the six motors suddenly failed.)
the car has been sitting for about a year/. iot cranks right up but will not shift out of park
If the part doesn't affect the functioning of the car, I'm not sure it's worth $310 to have it repaired.
Never change the battery? Could this resolve the problem
I can see the four places it was glued to the roof panel. I think I can glue it back I just want to be sure to use the right product.
Acts like it wants to start but wont its been sitting for 2 days
Also I put brakes on hard during rain last week and it felt like driver side tire was put in a vice and shook the tire.
Seems there is a common problem with Volvo audio systems in that the AM module breaks down. Will Volvo cover it as a courtesy after the warranty has expired?
Occurs intermittently.
This has happen a couple of times recently. The message would be pull over safety and stop top open. I would pull over and press top closed button and the message would say top is closed To correct this, I would press the open button until windows went down and the trunk started open. I would stop and then push the close button and the top would close, windows shut and message would be "top is fully up and locked". However, this time I pressed the open hood button and the windows started to drop down and the trunk started to lift. I then went to press the closed button, but nothing happen and the reading said see service manual. I followed the instructions in the service manually but noting happened and said it needs to be serviced.
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