2004 Volvo C70 Questions

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convertable top ding when down
I know some cars have Windows that drop about an inch when you open the doors like Mercedes and I would like to know if my Volvo does that to? I have a 2004 Volvo c70
Both windows were off track and one cracked
Water was coming heavy form under the car
The entire roof seems misaligned now. The trunk can't open with roof in this position. It unlocks, but I can't raise it to access the manual close. What do I do now???? Thanks.
Could it be tie rods?
Thought it was a cracked wheel, but that is only a minor vibration.
in the boot where the top stores, there are 4 drain holes, the rear ones are easy to see and clear but cannot get to the front ones which are clogged, because they are under the mechanism that raises/lowers the top... how do you get at those to clear them??
had an accident the the rops activated. how do i reset it?
took car to dealer to replace power antennae the broke off in carwash. lowered my convertible top to show them the real panel that closes it down wouldn't close all the way, they replaced antennae, now there is a constant ding, and my drivers front window switch wont work, It will go up and down by using the all windows button.
they are not carrying Volvo after Sept 1, so they wouldn't give any help on top. Also shouldn't they have disconnected my battery before they replaced the antenna, I did not have to reset may battery, I am wondering if they caused shorts
When the last guy checked the battery, he burned his thumb. He said the battery terminal should not be that hot. He recommended cleaning the terminals and posts. I also found an article on the web that indicated there was a problem with the positive crimp on some Volvo models, which would cause the battery to drain and the terminal to get hot. Could this be the problem with my car, or could there be a different problem.
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