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my radio shows C O D E ?
I have a volvo c70 2001 soft top convertible but one of the window regulator broke.
Can i replace my window frame and regulator with volvo c70 coupé's?
Or do you have to replace the roll bars. The car was Not wrecked. And nothing else occurred. The only thing is the
Convertable top will not go all the way down over bars.
My car stopped blowing cold air. I bought a can of freon with a gauge on it. I tried to pump the freon in but nothing went in. The compressor is coming on but the freon is not going.
It feels like there is absolutely no suspension left in the front of my car. When I turn my wheel there is a very loud cranking noise and when I go over even the smallest bump in the road my entire car jerks and feels a strong impact. I was told I need the shocks/struts replaced. Do I need the struts for the front as well as the strut mounds or can I just replace the struts?
on the drivers side so it is not locked and the chime is dinging is there a fuse that we can take out to stop it?
follow instruction stater will turn from remote switch, will not turn from ignition or start, what do you recommend
Used remote starer switch while starer is on the car Bendix turns slow want engage. check battery its ok. Check starter fuse ok Change starter relay still no results, i must be overlooking something
my car is a volvo 2001 C70 2LT Convertible
this has not ever happened before and I don't have the original manual to tell what this means.
Just bought a 2001 C 70 Convertible about 3 weeks ago.
Everything has been great, car is in incredible condition.
The low fuel light came on and I immediately refueled.
After that it seemed that the engine surged an ebbed like
the gas was bad or trash in the tank. This is like the fouth time I have refueled. But I did leave engine running and I never have done that before. It is like it isnt getting fuel then like it is getting to much.
Any ideas
The passenger window wont go up and down and seat doesnt work either and car battery dies sitting over but night has new radiator
get it unstuck. Shoule I use WD40? or graphite? to squirt it into the button.
Trans has been rebuilt by pro with 40 years experience.
Codes and goes to limp mode every time I drive over 90 kms/per/hr.Simple reset restores trans.Smooth operation in all other areas. Scope shows SLU soliniod ingagement and holding threw range. Shows consistantly, a sharp movement in the SLT soliniod just before limp mode kicks in. Accurs only at speed.Seems to be getting a reduced duty cycle signal from the TCM suddenly at this point. SLT is Listed as Normally Open. Looking for help with the next step. Cheers
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