2000 Volvo C70 Questions

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I have changed the plugs and the coils but the engine still misfires and has no power
Rough idiling needle going up and down from 0 to 1when i have the car in park running or standing
One spot
This is happening when you first accelerate, then again when going between 30-40 mph, then again around 50- 60 mph.
The illumination in my radio is out and at night can not see the radio station.
low water levels with no sign of leakage, until the is wet floor mats in the cab.
What might cause this?
Will manually shutting the top stop the flashing light and the bell ?
The convertible top went almost all the way down. I still need to latch it closed, where is the manual adjustment.
than the car still rolls
transmission wont ingage trans fluid fine
The ABS and Stability traction control disengaged light illuminate after about 5-30 minutes of driving. But turn off and are not on when I turn off and restart the engine only to
randomly reappear. I just had major service performed at 75,000 miles and replaced battery, oxygen sensor, ignition coils, etc. The computer did not find anything wrong with the brake system nor did the mechanics.
i accessed the trans ecu and cleared a code 012B but when i try to access the engine ecu it says no communication with scan tool etc,i can hear the car switching relays when i try to access (when i press the yes key on the scanner)the symptoms are engine light is on and car has a vibration at low revs and tends to jerk when i take off almost feels like an engine mount problem and shifting the gear change between N and D, thank you Ed.
ps enginbe is a 2.4 non turbo fwd
2000 Volvo C70 MAF sensor
Almost all of the lights on my dashboard come on and off intermitently (coolant, ABS, traction, bulb out, check engine). The check engine light doesn't turn off without being reset by dealer. Error reads catalytic converter problem. Once dealer resets it, the car reads 'not ready' for emissions test and the check engine light comes back on within 1 day. Car has 144,000 miles on it.
top goes up & stopes but will not release from top cover how can i get to axxcast inside top resease
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