1995 Volvo 960 Questions

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There are no lights on, on the dash. Once you put the key in the ignition it beeps until you take it out. All doors are shut.
Turn signals/windows won't work?
What could this be?
do i need water or antifreeze and where is it located
Removed all bolts, eng to trans, flex plate to torque converter. Still cannot separate engine from transmission. Maybe a stuck locator/alignment dowel? This first engine removal since factory. Rechecked manual. Don't believe I missed anything......however.... ANY advice/insight most appreciated
My 95' 960 Volvo will sometimes surge and/or lag when I accelerate.. It will randomly shut off, but radio and dash lights will still be on.. Check Engine light is always on. Service light comes on when you first start car, but turns off after driving for about 5 min.

My Volvo has 90,000 miles. I have had it for a little under 4 years and before that it sat un-driven for years..

Recently changed spark plugs and replaced coils. Thinking next step is fuel pump and maybe O2 sensor? HELP.
read code 113 onboard code reader??seems like electrical,as when shut off ignition switch ,she starts up normal/the runs a little while normal,only to suprise lose power,sound of detenation,very slow rev.,minimal power,rough idle.possible relay/,main fuse?ground?ign contrl new,shut down reasons=o2 sensor?overheat sensor?completely stock,has been a runner?????help
the ignition seems to give just enough spak to keep running.then under full power the car slowly acceclerates revving the engine asll the way to 6k b4 shifting gears.If i pull over and stop the car 4 a couple minutes.ignition "off"then it starts and runs normally.would u catorigize this as fuel or ignition trouble?It has been very reliable car,seems like happens when cars hotter on freeway or traffic.I suspect ignition module,checked all relays,fuses??
I hade coil # 2 replace also change injector # 2 replace harness and still piston # 2 not working any suggestions on what to check next . It has power but it doesn't make the cut.
gas seems to be cutting off, seems not to be getting gas
when i start car when engine is cold it idles fine for about ten seconds,then i can hear something kick on,not sure what it is,but thats when it stars running rough.also it hesitates when u first take off. but once it warms up it runs great.checked for intake&vacum leaks,but everything seems fine.whatever i hear kicking on after first started,(sounds like a fuel pump kinda noise) seems to be causing the problem. any ideas?
just was given this car,it sat for 6 months prior. when you first start it up it runs rough, the rpms fluctuate. then when you put it in drive it hesitates for a few seconds, then clears up and runs great,even at stops,no problems. but if you shut it off even for a few minutes, the same thing happens. i changed plugs & fluids because it had been sitting for awhile.not sure why it does this at starts
When I shut down heating system it continues to blow hot air.
when trying to start car it turns but will not start. At one point it seemed to start 15-30 minutes after sitting, but now once its turned off it will not start for at least an hour
I installed a 960 engine from a 1993 volvo into my 1995 960 volvo, I used the wireing horness that was already installed in the 1995 volvo since the connection on the 1993 engine was different. I have yet to be able to get the 1993 engine to start.I seem not to get any fire at my ignition coils. I've checked my cam position and crank shaft sensors as well made all ground wires are properly connected. What else might I look for to resolve this problem
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