1993 Volvo 940 Questions

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This volvo has lasted a long time--282,000 miles. Recent repairs include replacing a tyrod end ($300), brand new brakes--rotors and pads ($860). Now it looks like it has a gas leak (so says my mechanic). This would cost about $400-$800 to fix--depending if we can find a used fuel pump to use. The muffler is loud and rusty, and it is due for inspection in March and probably wouldn't pass because it's too loud. Is it time to throw in the towel on this great car?? Or should I make the repairs??? HELPPP
i just brought a car that was parked for 2 years and i did an oil change and fuel filter change air filter change and i changed the spark plugs and when i drive the engine will just die and i have to put it in nuetal or park and give the key and it will spark im just wondering what it is and how to fix it

thank you everyone
while driving, just after a freeze and thaw, I got about a quarter of a mile down the road and all of my service lights came on. There are no signs of trouble with engine or electrical systems. what could the problem be? What should I do?
Do these 940's have any relays that control the power windows and if so where are they located? Its kinda strange that I only have 1 out of 4 windows that works and the driver side 4 way control doesn't control the window that works. I replaced the panel(driver side) twice and thats not the problem. Relay or motor???? Or wiring???
Suspect bad starter. No drain on lights or radio when ignition key turned. Can starter be checked without removing?
Power seat wont move anymore and it stuck in a rather uncomfortable position. Please help me
The compressor is not engaging. When AC button is pushed. Where is the ac relay is located
in a 940 Volvo turbo
The AC fluid was empty, we had the fluid filled but the compressor was not turning on. We hard wired the the compressor to the battery to check if it would engage the AC system and it worked the compressor turned on and the AC was working. They indicated that its proberly a electrical issue, I checked all the fuses and they were all working fine. The AC button on the panel is not triggering the compressor to turn on or the ac relay may need to be replaced. Any suggestions or recommendations would be helpful.
'93 940 wagon(B230, non turbo) won't always start. Once it starts, it runs fine, no power issues. Either after sitting, or when hot, it won't always start. Replaced the fuel filter, wondering it it's the fuel tank check valve, pressure regulator or maybe the fuel pump isn't supplying enough pressure at starting. Where is the fuel tank check valve located? Can I change it without removing the tank?
Every time we have a rainy day my car will not start. The battery is less than 1 yr old. When the sun comes out a day later the car will start right up and drive for weeks at a time and then when it rains again the car will not start.
I have a 1993 volvo 940 Turbo. The car has been parked for about 4 years. I parked the car due to what I beleive was a transmission problem. I just started the car and the car once again started to check if it would shift to drive and reverse to my suprise everything appear to be working. I took the car for a drive even got on the highway. drove about 10 miles with speeds from 55mph to 70mph at first there was no signs of any transmission issues. The car was driving fine and then all of a sutton the transmission started slipping it would no longer continue. I parked the car when it was cool down again I started the car again and shifted the car to drive and was on my way again but the same issue continued. What could it be? Any info you can problem is appreciated.
I own a 93 volvo and just found out from triple A that the gaskets and oil pan show wetness and the oil cooler shows slight seepage. They said it might cost about $2000. Can I get an estimate of what it might cost to repair these issues. They said they felt the car really only had a few months if not cared for carefully. Car has a new muffler, new spark plugs, (which had burnt out - maybe due to seepage), new timing belt, new distributor cap.
My car has i gas leak, i think its coming from the front. My husband looked and said its kinda spraying out by the driver side tire. When i turn off the car the smell of gas is very strong. The check engine light has been on for a while. Is this kind of problem fixable?
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