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I want to replace the auto. transmission filter and fluid, but do not want to over tighten the bolts into the transmission !

i have the equipment just can find plugin
dave williams
scanner and where do i connect it, it feel like the trainsmission is shifting hard i had new spark plugs , wires,and fuel filter i have no clue and i'm using more oil now.
dave williams
Hi Guys,

Sorry if I've typed this twice - I think it got deleted when I signed in.
My battery, brake, and bulb lights went on suddenly while driving yesterday. I've heard squealing but it has been very hot and rainy here. I've checked all fluids etc and car starts and runs the same. New battery and brakes in January.

I'm about to go look some more - did I perhaps have an alternator belt break?! I'm a novice so any help will be appreciated. I have a good mechanic but I am about 40 miles out of town and will take it somewhere closer if that is safer for me and for the car.

Thanks so much!
no start on my car. replaced coil, rotor cap and rotor, plugs, wires, checked the fuses, the relays and the modules, no spark but will turn over. Has fuel and new fuel filter.
What does diagnostic code 3 1 2 mean? How can I fix it?
I have removed everything possible in order to pull out engine to replace oil pan. I can't seem to pull off the tranny from the engine. Is there any bolts in the inside? I used the cherry picker and pulled too hard i think it still doesn't come out and now i have atf all over the place
the window won't go all the way up and makes a chatter type of noise when the switch is pushed. Is the panal hard to pull off to see what is going on
I recently had a turbocharger replaced, and noticed the engine light on when I picked up the car. I thought nothing of it since I figured the work engaged the light, and the car had been test-driven. It drove nicely and the mechanics know this car. A few days later, when accelarating up a snowy driveway, the car stalled. Never happened in 12 years. Started right up again. Same thing happened another night. Forgot about it until yesterday, car suddenly stalled while in motion, after accelerating. Started right up again. Went here and saw this airflow sensor issue come up! I always keep tank at least half full, but the fuel filter is due for replacement. 212K miles. Am I possibly looking at a mass airflow sensor? Thank you for any help! Total time frame with this issue is about 4 weeks.
I noticed my reserve tank for coolant hasnt been holding coolant--I saw a small what looks like a pipe line leaking from under the car--but the other day my car was smoking after i put the heat on--it was coming from under the hood--all of my coolant then flushed out from under car too--Im wondering what could it be?
not sure i tryed taking the dash appart but i would have to take the steering wheel off
Using coolant and don't see a leak.
Brake lights are'nt working. Checked fuses, stop light switch, wires, etc. all ok. All other lights work as well.
I would love to know if anyone has had to replace a turbocharger - what's the longest anyone has gone with the original? I've read that they eventually wear out. Just wondering, thanks! I've got 220K miles and want to learn as much as possible about further care and restoration of this car. Thanks!
What have been others' experience with starters? How long have yours lasted if they were fine to begin with? I've had the same one - never a problem. Do these ever wear out? Should you replace them in advance at some point? My mechanic says some can go for 20 years. Thanks!
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