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I change my orifice tube which was clogged up and tried to recharge the system it would only take about 8 oz and it seemed like the system was too full or it wouldn't take it at all it was only about a half a small can that I put in it which was 12 oz so it was a little less than the whole can the AC did get cold while I had the throttle revved up but it wouldn't take any more than the little bit in the small can how do I recharge my system all the way
Where is the OBD1 located
fuel pump works
Can i use a cutlass ciera intake fuel pump on a 940 93 volvo
Replaced in take pump , replaced the relay fuse and the distributing cap and roto still won't start
what causes this it runs great when it's running
This Humming sound is that a part going bad I hear it more in the middle of the car and inside too but not around the motor help.
The steering rack was just replaced. The car was not leaking before. Now it seems to be leaking in several areas along the middle of the car. While it seems to be a clear fluid, you can follow the track of my car down the road. My landlord is not amused.
Sometimes it behaves properly but usually have to drive for at least 10 min on highway and then rev to 4000+ before lifting throttle. Then OK for rest of trip
goes in and out what could be the problem?
Car starts but runs rough. will stall out if foot pressure is not maintained on gas pedal.
Even when I press the button, arrow stays on and car runs up to 4000 rpms. Is this good. How can I repair this problem?
when i start out i have to depress the pedal to the floor it putts and sometimes back fires and then it runs fine on the interstate but in the city it hardly ever gets out of first gear, i've had a tuneup , transmission serviced air filter changed. please help some think its my maas air flow and some say o2 sensor
dave williams
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