1992 Volvo 940 Questions

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Figure fuel lines are in the wrong place. Son forgat to mark them before removal, now have to figure it out. This car is non turbo, single pump in tank.
Any more info on the installation procedure?
I don't mind loosing kick down
It rattles when I push on the gas and after I'm driving it sometimes rattles when the car is idling. A few weeks ago,the ABS and SRS lights came on when I turned on the car. I had no electrical (power windows, a/c and radio wouldn't work) and it wouldn't go out of park. After turning the key 3 times, it went back to normal. This has happened twice lately, but I was told that you can reboot the computer by turning the key 3 times. I'm not sure if the computer system is related to my rattling problem. Please advise.
Front tires don't have wear side to side wear. When car hits pot hole there is no vibration. Steering wheel universal is suspect.What do you think?
can't push car out of garage for tow truck to take to dealership' gearshift slides up and down and will not get out of drive
How do I remove it from the dash?
my turbo went out (ijust had the head gaskets done-14000 what kind of turbo do i need-i keep seeing turbo parts for sale what should i be asking for? any particular kind? 1992 volvo 940 turbo. will a rebuilt one do just as good? Where can i get one?
replacced relay.shift selenoid?
i have a leak on a coolant line that runs along the right side of the engine under the intake manifold.the leak is at a bracket that bolts the coolant line(metal) to the block. the line starts at the lower radiator hose engine connection, continues along side the engine and around the back to a rubber hose that goes through fire wall.the leak is close to a nipple on the coolant line where a rubber hose is connected and loops to a box that the oil filter screws on. metal coolant line needs repair or replaced. how?
I went to adjust the valves on my Volvo. I removed the valve cover and looked all around, but could not find a way to adjust them. Does this mean I have hydrolic lifters or am I just missing the adjusters? If I do have hydrolic lifters what can I do to reduce engine noise?
What is the fireing order and how do i determen the number one piston
So far this year: $1200 (not starting, replace fuel pump relay; A/C, replace compressor and condenser lines); $2000 (A/C belt went + 120k service); now facing $1000 for speedometer replacement. Is it time to quit? Car is solid, 120K miles, looks great, everybody who looks it over says don't get rid of it, don't make cars like that anymore. What do we do?
my speedometer stop working and sometimes it will move to a certain spot and just sits there. Is this a fuse problem or what? Also my gas needle does not move past 1/2 tank...when it is at the 1/2 mark it means that i am close to empty and when i fill it up it goes to the empty mark and the light stays on....I need help...any ideas of why this could be happening?
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