1996 Volvo 850 Questions

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my 1996 volvo NA 2.4l non trubo 5 speed
How come I can't get any low beams on my 95 850 Turbo Volvo I replace the turn signal indicator the relays and fuses that was light switch and I still can't get no because I got high beams and everything else but no low beams
Replaced the alternator, relay fuel pump connector and new battery c car will start but it runs rough
Help me please and thank you

No codes
Is this limp mode
It runs great out on the road, and it idles good too, but when I put it in gear or turn the AC on it starts to lope like it has a racing cam in has a recent full tune up.. I can unplug the idle control sensor and it kills the engine, same with the mass air flow sensor..any clues?
When I start driving the speedometer doesn't always come on and might come on later while I'm driving or if on cuts off while I'm driving
smog diagnostic noted psi's of each cylinder and that "excessive"smoke from tailpipe, hear air leaking past valves @cylinder leak down test; recommends replacing engine & turbo. fixed by volvo dealer w/tune up & gas cap & related hoses and tubes, passed smog. what's with the engine/turbo diagnostic?
Front end wrecked on drivers side. Headlight assembly broken but headlight works. Signal flasher busted.
We recently replaced the ignition switch (1996 Volvo 850) and the car starts occasionally, but usually when the key is turned the lights/dash come on but no sound. Is this another problem within the ignition?
it appear that it is not getting fuel took it to a shop and he said it was not getting a spark either so what sensor will cause this to happen
so I figure that I not getting gas but later tried to get combustion after spaying starter fluids and not getting anything so where would I go to next
So, I have taken my car to a local Firestone and also Volvo Dealership. Both ran diagnostics and can't pinpoint my issue. The Fuel pump and filter was replaced 3 yrs ago, the O2 sensors/ignition wires/ spark plugs 4 yrs ago. Currently, my vehicle won't start. It cranks, but doesn't turn over. Typically this occurs when my engine is hot. If I let it cool down (sometimes 1/2hr sometimes 3+hrs) then it will turn over no problem. I already read some similar articles. Replaced the engine coolant temp sensor and also replaced my fuel pump relay.... No luck.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else had this issue and where do I go from here without throwing $3000 of misc. parts into it and never finding the exact issue?

1996 Volvo 850 Turbo 2.3L DOHC ~235,000miles
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