1995 Volvo 850 Questions

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I’m not sure how much more details I can add my car usually starts all the time I know it has electronic fuel ignition something with that had to go wrong I check the fuse in the fuse as good
Car turned over acted like it wanted to run was getting gas but would not stay running I tried to press the gas pedal and only flooded car would not stay running ?
got a car that won't pass the smog evap test, large gross leak, want to do a smoke test but i was told to close the vent solenoid, problem is i don't know where it is or what it looks like

heard its called the vent valve, and unsure if its called the evap shut-off valve

if you search up on google on how to close vent solenoid for evap test you will see the instructions
When driving 20 km/hour and press the throttle 1/3 down with turbo pres indicating 1/3 ( in the White ) on the instrument it accelerates ok to about 3000 rpm., and then stalls . With more throttle and higher boost indicated engine stalls before 3000 rpm. the car is a
T5-R. Aut.
I'm a former aircraft mechanic.
From a stop, it seemed to have a little hesitation. Otherwise it shifted fine. Is this a Volvo thing or possible problem with the transmission?
Well my Volvo 850 turbo doesn't start since I replaced the transmission with one from a glt n/a. The. Car has no spark. What do I do? Do I need a different transmission or just a TCU TCM from a non turbo Volvo?
This problem occurs when the car is running for more than 10 mins
not much power, hesitattion
New heater core. Original housing. Fits perfect. Still leaking.
My vehicle has 275000 miles on it, usually runs great, it was pouring down rain on the freeway and started bogging down. Could it be water in my gas? Used a new cheap gas 2 days prior.
So when I start my car up it wants to sputter a few times and sometimes even shut off because the idle drops so to low to keep it started. It has always started right back up. Also if I am stopped at a light it will do the same thing sometimes. If im not pushing on the accelerator then it will idle weird and sputter like it wants to shut off. We have replaced the fuel filter and used fuel injector cleaner thinking it is a fuel problem and it was a little better for a few drives but is back to the same thing again.It is happening more and more now pretty much everytime I turn on my car. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but there was also a hose in the front top part of the car that we believe has something to do with the turbo that had a hole that we patched up but haven't replaced yet because we haven't been able to find it, and within the last 3 or 4 days the heat and air conditioning only work at random. My check engine light is on and when I used an OBD2 it said something about the oxygen sensor. And the service light comes on when I start the car but turns off within a few min. When that started I went to get my oil changed professionally but it didn't stop the service light coming on for a min at start of engine then turning off within mins. But they did inform me that I possibly had multiple oil leaks. I am at a loss and I really love this car and its great for my kids and I. I am hoping that its something affordable to fix because I would hate to lose this car.The best car I have owned by far, even with these problems, once I know what to do and how to fix them it will be an excellent car.
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