1994 Volvo 850 Questions

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change the oil
My window will not roll down on passenger side
I don't know what more I am supposed to say.
When first starting up car revs up high, stays then comes back down. It rough idles when it comes back down. Don't have the money to take to a shop. It spits and sputters and has cut off in traffic. It does have a leak somewhere on top of engine. It uses oil, and a lot of it. At least a quart a week. Repo man says that turbos use oil a lot. Is this true? It is an 850 2.3 liter, 5 cylinder turbo engine. Can we fix it or would it be better to sell it.
It happens when I shut the car off after having the a/c on
Relay is jumped fuel pump does not shut off can hear hissing at fuel rail pressure at shrader valve
was running fine yesterday. put coolant in because it looked low. there is a leak somewhere. Concern is that I have a cracked block. was running smooth after about five minutes but still had white smoke. Then it got hot but gauge said it was still cool fan didnt come on.
Could I use black plasty dip and a gloss clear coat to get a good shine ? Would that work with the plasty dip. If not suggestions ? Need cheap way to look cool.
Since purchasing this car i have replaced the plugs, plug wires, distributer cap, rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter, MAF and the IAC. The last time the car started and stayed running i back up, it started sputtering, i gave it more gas and it backfired so hard that it blew off the oil cap. Ever since then, when i turn the key to start it, it starts runs for maybe 2 seconds and dies. I have checked both the fuel pump relay and the fuel injector relay. The car seems to have great fuel pressure since replacing the fuel pump. I have not been able to have the codes checked.

Please help.

Thank you!!!
The AC is cooling but weakly when driving.
I had an AC sealer put in and the coolant filled.
It is performing a bit better now. Before filling it stopped cooling all together.
I recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced.
Someone said that this could be an AC thermostat (near pump) problem.
I was also told that this is may be compressor problem (bad clutch) and need the compressor and dryer replaced.
Could it be a faulty sensor?
Will diagnostic codes point to a solution?
wires coming out of relay fried a long way and melted other wires on the way. Fixed wires, changed relay.. tested fine, ran good for about 20 minutes then did same thing again? fyi i replaced fuel pump 2 mos ago with a used one that worked fine.
We have checked fuel pressure ,at 40 to 60 pounds. Is this the right range? We have changed fuel filter, spark plugs, checked distributor cap, and timing. Any suggestions as to why it may be stalling out and running rich?
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