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I have had volvo look at it but they can't find anything wrong. Fuel pump is new, crankshaft top dead center sensor new, camshaft sensor new, throttle positioning sensor new, fuel pump regulator new, spark plugs new, timing belt new, battery new, fuel pump relay new
problem happened today for the first time.
problem happened today.
I had front brakes replaced last year and tires are not worn. I was going 30 mph in rain and almost went off the highway braking as the car went to the left and shook very badly. I'm not sure what's wrong.
I've had it into dealer and 3 other service centers. No one has ever actually fixed problem. Everytime I spent $500. Had AC control head module replaced. Had blower motor replaced. Now told AC compressor needs to be replaced. Will this finally fix problem?
what would a reasonable estimate be? In Northern California Sacramento area. thanks
the ac is not cooling at present
where is the interior fuse box
is there an interior fuse box in a 1993 volvo glt and where is sit located.
I just replced the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler. Had a hard time with belt but don't think I moved any thing, however car will not start now. Thought maybe I some how got it 180 out but when I removed belt and tried to rotate the crank shaft, you can't past about 1/4 turn, in which case I don't see how I could have messed that up. Please help, we really need the car. Engine cranks and sounds like it wants to catch but just wont, like if the timing is off or no fuel, (there is fuel though).
i have the manuel control heater blower. i dont see were i can soder a new resister
im n need of info on a 1993 850 20v volvo the transmission was going good n drive and now its n reverse only so now if i was to put it n drive i have to give it more gas but it still moves slow i was told it might be oil pump or some kind of plug
The lights and radio come on but the car won't start.It does not crank or make a grinding sound or anything.
Could the oxygen sensor malfunction cause the car to not start?
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