1993 Volvo 240 Questions

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I think moisture is getting into my distributor cap, has a hard time starting after it rains. But that fuel pump relay circuit crack looked intetesting.
I've had this car 22 shifts fine its an automatic. I had the trans fluid changed 4 months ago, sound just returned.
the brake lite dont work
Vehicle has been sitting for a little over a year after I ran out of money for repairs. Now I have the money but I cannot get the car to start. Charged the battery numerous times but that does not help. There is no cranking or any starting noises at all. Thought it might be something with the fuel pump.
ran out of gas. I can use starting fluid to get it started but won't stay running. I replaced cap,roter,plugs.Thanks for your help
There is not enough clearance. Do I have to lift the engine up?
transmission fluid low, what type fluid to add?
transmission fluid is low. Need to add some. what kind??
how do you change a license bulb in a 1993 240 Volvo
where can i get this done, volvo sevice says they can't weld, would have to replace cat convertor
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