Q: Voltages at wiring harness pin inserts? on 1998 Dodge Caravan

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Does anyone know where I can find a schematic that would tell me what the voltages should be at the heater control wiring harness pins, and cluster gauge voltages at the harness? Or perhaps give me a place to look for problems, since my gauges stop working when I plug the wiring harness into the back of the heater control module.
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since we answered this before, couple of questions.

is the head new or used??

what is wrong with the old unit??

My heater control module quit, and changed it with another used unit that was taken from an accident vehicle. When I plug the A/C Heater controls in, the gauges quit working. The heater controls work fine and no faults come up with self diagnostic, but I am wondering how the gauges are affected by plugging that in. No amount of banging on the dash does anything to activate gauges. At the moment, I am just running without the heater controls plugged in (only the fan is powered for defrosting on cold mornings) so that I have the use of the gauges. I did notice the other day that even running it like this, the gauges quit again, but came after a thumping on the dash. Maybe I have more than one problem alone here? Will most likely have to bring it in for testing, I guess.