Volkswagen Passat W8 Reviews and Owner Comments

Volkswagen Passat W8 owners review and rate their Volkswagen Passat W8.

Volkswagen Passat W8 (8 Reviews)
So far 1,000 miles I love the car I do have the check engine light on I know the owener said when it is cold it is slow to get going but I have not seen it just the check engine light I will have to see what the code is but nice and smooth...
Great car. Never had a problem except for normal maintenance. Looking for another with low miles. Best 8 cylinder german car made and better if you by one used with maintenance records. Price another German 8 cylinder and you will understand.
I will never buy a limited addition again. I've replaced the expensive hallogen head lights once a year several years in a row now. My computer board fragmented and I replaced that. My ABS brake harness broke, that was another $600. My drainage lines for the sun roof melted together causing the water to back up into the car, ruining my headliner and rusted the entire floor in my car. I kept calling the VW customer service with these complaints and all they said was "there is no recall". However other VW Passats were having the same issues, just not enough W8 complaints and why would there be, there isnt enough of that model to get feedback from so a recall will never happen.
Great car, gas guzzler.
Scary expensive to maintain, parts availability is spotty at best, super-tight clearances make working on them a nightmare. Simple maintenance is pretty straight-forward to perform however.
Love the car but it cost to much.
My W8 is AMAAAZZZING! ! I have a SPORTS Edition with 6sp manual- I love this CAR! I do allll SERVICES at the dealership- so COST is signicant. Did I mention this car is AMAZING, I have vacationed and couldn't WAIT to get back to DRIVE my w8! Snowy conditions. . .NO PROBLEM. . .PASS- NNOOOOOOO Problem. . .My A/C has gone bad TWICE with MASSSSIVE repair costs. RECALLS were a nightmare- parts were NEVER available when I was going on for normal service- imagine TWO BIRDS-ONE STONE, NOT LIKELY. . . THE vehicle, W8 is fantastic. . .great road-contact feel from the steering. . corners like it's on VELCRO-the sounds DELIGHT EVERY sense.
This would be the perfect car, except for the cost of maintenance and repairs. Typical shops don't have the specific VW tools and shy from them, so it's pretty much back to the dealer. The 4-motion is amazing - if traction begins to break pushing hard in a curve, just give it more gas and feel it grab. Very smooth & comfortable, & very strong. I would drive this car to Hell and back and enjoy it all.