2008 Volkswagen Touareg Questions

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Can also feel the vibration through console/gear selector.
outside.they lock and unlock remotely from the out side but cannot open
from the inside.
I bumped something with the front of my friends car and it shut down. I know it has a reset switch where is it?
A little over 2 weeks ago an oil pressure light came on. We don't go to the dealer because we've not had good service there and I have never trusted them. We took the car to out local shop and they checked oil pressure and said it was on the upper end of factory spec. They called VW of America and they suggested changing the oil pressure sensor. They did. It didn't fix anything. They said they thought it would be best at this point to take it to the dealership. We did. The dealer has had it for about a week and a half and they called yesterday to say we have no oil pressure and the pump needs to be replaced. The estimate was $4500
Dealership says both should be replaced at 80K miles.
Looks like the belt is fine, makes some noise, all idiot lights lit up.
08 Touareg V-6 won't go into gear after starting (easy start). Some noise under motor, could be tranny. No issues leading up to this, ran fine. Could be some brake alert that won't let you put it in gear?
When it started out we would turn the vehicle off and the a/c fan would continue to blow then slowly wind down and stop, but now the fan won't blow at all....the indicator shows that the fan is on high on the automatic climate control,however there is no air blowing...
I checked the fuses and they were good
it looks that it appear mainly at the first start,
please your advice.
Hi All,
Heres my issue with my 2008 Touareg. If I accelerate quickly the temp goes right up, but coming off the pedal it goes down to where it should be. Also its losing anti freeze I need to put half a can in a week. The truck has 90k miles on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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