2006 Volkswagen Touareg Questions

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the flex pipe is located right before catalytic converter,flex pipe is leaking
when ever i put my car key will see in my dashboard starting rage active and no ignition light shows.why! pleas i need the ignition light first. HELP.
I replace the battery as the car would not start. This was not the cause. I took it to a VW dealer. They have checked all options and cannot find a fault. The engine does not crank at all
How do I rectify this problem as I cannot see the time / faults / and other display
i was on highway all of a sudden i lost compression and truck shut down i tried to start and engine just kept on turning with no start
Volkswagen indicates that the transmission is a sealed unit and does not require a fluid change. At what milage should the fluid be changed
how low are the brake pads when the sensor lights comes on
how do you replace the fuel door actuator on the 06 touareg
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