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I let my car sit for 3 or 4 days and the battery went dead. I charged it, started it and gauge shows it is at 14 volts. Next day dead. In the course of looking for an obvious drain I noticed that the radio remained on with the key removed. I turned the radio off and it has started the last 5 or 6 times I tried even sitting over night. I am still nervous about this. I have a new Battery so I do not suspect the Battery.
in tank fuel hose diagram
also dash says check your lites we can see no problem
My touareg is 2.5 r5, once started it cranks in about 2/3 secs the whole day, but if parked for like 10/12 hrs, whether morning/night, winters/summers.... it needs a minute or two of painful cranking. I have consulted a few local mechanics who say one of the injectors is faulty and the whole cylinder head needs to be replaced and a few blame the fuel pump... if found common plz help me out with this riddle, thanks in advance
About a week ago I noticed that a brownish looking liquid under my Touareg. I took it in for my mechanic to look over and paid $160 for sealant for hoses. I also needed 4 tires and my total bill was $990! Drove my Touareg over the next few days and noticed it was still leaking -- called my mechanic to inform and was told I should "bring it back" that Saturday. While driving to the shop I noticed a "thump" when I pressed down on the gas. My mechanic then stated that although the sealant for the two hoses were no longer leaking, but supposedly the hoses that ran below and behind the transmission were leaking (?). (So, why wasn't this noticed before the charge of $990!) Regardless, now my mechanic is stating that the parts and labor to do this work to stop the leaking will be an additional $1000 -- can someone explain why?! Should I go to a transmission specialist or maybe go back to the Volkswagen dealer -- the dealer may be a little expensive but I never had to go back a second time? My mechanic stated that the $1000 is a discount -- is it really?
The coolant reservoir cracked at the seam, and car is overheating.
What causes my drivers seat to not rise up and what causes the Headlight controller massage to come on? The headlight controller massage come on when ever I start the car.
Was running great when I parked it, next day when I started it, it sounded like I had a hole in my muffler. Can not see a leak or pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Noise is most noticeable when accelerating. Performance is degraded considerably. It's as if it all of the cylinders are not running. It's missing really bad.
My Vw Touareg R5 have a light Jerk under load in 4th 5th and 6th at low revs. Can anyone perhaps assist?

My car sometime can't start, leave 2 or 3hrs will start.i test the battery its good, no any warning signal shows up, is this starter broken?
when driving my vehicle at a low speed usually in a parking lot it makes a loud clunking noise when turning into a stall or corner, I have it looked at and for some reason it does not do it to the mechanic. I have notice it does it mostly when its hot outside.
I have a VW Touareg V6, 2005; some time ago my check engine light came on. I received a reading from Autozone and was informed it was my O2 sensors. Months later I took "Touarie" to a mechanic and explained the issue -- he ran another test and it was not the O2 sensors but the mass airflow sensor. The mechanic actually confirmed that my O2 sensors were all working properly but they were getting bad readings/codes from MAS. Touarie rode fine for 2 days then the check engine light came back on along with the ESP warning light! I took my vehicle back to the mechanic who did the work, he tried a few times to get a reading from the shop's computer but it was unable to read/connect with the computer in my vehicle. Because of this the mechanic is now trying to manually troubleshoot the codes but was unable to this first time around. My vehicle is being held for a second day for another mechanic to manually examine/troubleshoot the issues. Has anyone else heard of such; what could it be that triggered both warning lights to appear after getting a new MAS installed; any advice or direction anyone can give me to share with the mechanics . . . . thank you in advance for your help!
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