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So I have already replaced the spark plugs with NGK's Part # PFR7S8EG.
After driving the car about a week later the check engine light came back on and the same code is back on.
Mind you the vehicle runs pretty smooth.
Since Aug. 2013 I have had three new batteries in my vehicle. The dealer keeps saying it is the two way remote system that was installed in my vehicle that could be causing the problem. This vehicle was purchased from a VW dealer and was pre owned.
The day I went to test drive it the sales person could not get the VW remote to open the door, they had to manually open the door and the vehicle would not start, they had to give it a boost, then it started right away. Then we went for a test drive, came back and said "I will think about it". Next day I returned and wanted to test drive it again, again it would not start, it had to be boosted. After an other test drive, I said "I liked the vehicle, but was concerned about it not starting", I was told that they would put in a brand new battery, so I bought the vehicle. The first battery lasted about 16 months, the second battery (AGM battery) lasted about 25 months and the third battery is still working at the moment. These batteries die in the Winter time when it's cold. I think something must be draining the battery, even these days it's warm and the interior lights do no always come on when I turn off the ignition or take out the key, they do come on when I open the door. In the Winter time I do not have time to get my key in to the ignition before the interior lights turn off. Checking on the internet I found one person saying that the EVL MODULE DREW DOWN THE BATTERY AND THE VEHICLE WOULD NOT START. IT WAS FIXED WITH A SOFTWARE UPDATE. I have mentioned this to my dealer, and they say they don't know what the EVL module is, there suggestion was to put a solar panel on the dash and plug it in to the lighter socket in the Winter, and they would re wire the socket so that it would be live when the vehicle is off. Not the best solution, I hope you are able to come up with a better solution for my dilemma!
Bye for now,

Derek Munro
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse in the Winter time
How long have you had this problem? Since 2013
Mechanical doing routine maintenance suggested I get new brakes

Noticed half quart low after 5,000 miles at oil change
Shop cleaned off engine told me to monitor level 2 weeks and return so they can locate where it's coming from. I will return next week to the shop. Has any other tiguan owners had this problem?
I have electric calipers I need to push the plunger on the caliper back in
so it fits over the new brakes.
Heavy rain. Night. Windshield all fogged up
Ross Tech site shows it in brake well left of the brake pedal. It is not there.
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