2009 Volkswagen Routan Questions

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I just bought the van and the third row windows are open and I don't know how to close them it's been 3 day and a winter storm is coming
I park on a slight sideways angle and some oil like liquid keeps pooling in the low corner through the carpet. I used an extractor to remove it once, and within a week or so it was showing signs of coming back. What is it, where is it coming from & how do I fix it?
Tcs and engine light came on, in my case the culprit turned out to be a broken engine ground wire found on the passenger side attached to the body and engine mount. After replacing wire lights went off and so far van runs well.Just a heads up for some of you folks.
light comes on but vehicle runs okay, engine temp gauge does not move from cold.
if I unhook the battery and hook it back up then I can take my key out.but if I leave the battery hooked up my screen still stays on so its like its stuck in axillary mode.
For a VW Routan 2009 3.8L,V6
Kinda of like it isn't getting enough gas, but it is.It sort of feel like it shakes a little as it drives
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