2002 Volkswagen Passat W8 Questions

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If i run my car to freeway it overheat and oil pressure sign lit .
The problem always happens after being on the freeway for over an hour and continues at slow speeds and in 1st through 6th gear after I get off of the freeway. After the car has been parked for a few hours the shuttering (shaking) problem goes away.
The engine seems to be running fine.
Could this problem be drivetrain related?
The engine has just been professional tuned and fuel filter has been replaced. Transmission was rebuilt 5,000 miles ago.

How i can change automatic transmission oil?
When switching out the battery on a W8 do you need to reprogram the computer settings ? I have been told NO and I have been told YES...which one is it?
Hi, there! My vw passat W8 is running rough, Had it check, after replacing 6 coils and two injectors,which was sum of the codes which flagged up.
Still not right, on start up fine , then 15-20 sec later idles rough, runs fine above 1700rpm.
Cam shaft to crank positioning error
Can this be reset or it is engine out and do cam belt?
thank you
The air conditioner fan is blowing but the air flow is low...
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