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So about 3 months ago the EPC light came on while I was driving at 45mph, i saw the speed decreasing while I still had my foot on the pedal, no matter how hard I push the Pedal the car will not accelerate more than 30mph, I went straight home and turn off the car. A few days had gone by , I keep having the same issue more frequently this time, I could feel the car getting worst by the day
Until One day the check engine light turned on, I was at a red light and I felt the motor shaking really hard, I pulled over and turn of the car when I turned back on, the motor was still shaking so I just drove home.

I took it to at least 6-7 different mechanics, one guy told me I had to change the spark plugs and the ignition coils (we did) the problem persisted.

The next mechanic said the main computer was bad ( I believe the code was P065 - circuit b malfunction) He said I had to replace the computer) , I couldn't believe the computer of my car was bad, since my car is only 4 years old! So i took it to another mechanic .

This guy said the crankshaft or cram shaft was bad and he replace it, and he replaced the spark plugs once again ( he said the others one were the wrong ones) I went to pick up my car and the EPC & check engine light turned back on, same problem car won't accelerate, so I took the car back to him, he said I am sorry, I did everything I could!

ok so now the car is worst, it will suddenly stop accelerating and it won't accelerate more than 5 mph, I could get into an accident! this happen almost everyday, without any warning.

So I took it to another mechanic, and this guys is telling me the throttle body is bad, and needs to be replaced. at this point I don't know what to do , is relatively a new car! Has been to 4 mechanics, a lot of money spend and no one can fix the dam car.

My car is out of warranty, I haven't take the car to the dealer because they want $150 an hour to diagnose the car. That's insane!

Info about the car:
Volkswagen passat SE 2013
69,000 Miles
Location and how to replace air fikter
I have a 2013 VW Passat TDI se
The light just came on last night

Car is part of VW dieselgate so need to do
Repair but I don't want to spend a lot of money
just need to know if they need to be changed at 50 k miles
Driving on highway hit a rough patch of road. Epc and Check engine light came on. Check engine light went off but EPC stayed on. Car starting loosing combustion, push accelerator to flow but could feel car losing power, turned car off, car would start then turn off if drive to drive.
cool air until the car has been running for a few minutes. Is there an issue with my a/c? My warranty ends in October of this year. Thank you for any help.
Am told the Add Blue Pump costs $700 plus labor. The check engine light does not light every time I start the engine. I have only 46,000 miles on the car and am told the part is not covered under warranty. Seems like something like that should be covered or not so expensive. Is this part of the emissions and is it crucial to be replaced? Would the EGR system have anything to do with the error code P203B00?
The brake peddle feels, tight, very little give in it....but with my foot on the brake, I push the start button, dash display reads "ignition on". But engine won't start...I pump the brake a few times and can get it started. This has happened about 5 times said there is not a "fail". Dealer can't get it to duplicate for them.....Usually the peddle has some "give" in it and that's when she starts right up. As soon as I feel that "tight" brake, I know what to expect... I have 30k miles on it and LOVE this car....I'm a bit freaked as my warranty will expire soon...anyone had this issue..
But the one located on the drivers side sometimes begins to blink a red color and something a green. What do the box and color indicate? Should i be worried?
I went to a dealer for the 20000 mile service and asked about the cost to change the transmission fluid. They stated that the fluid must be changed at 40000 miles, and the cost today would be $375.00.
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