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When it cools, it cools very well! But sometimes it doesn't start cooling until I stop at a red light & take off again. It doesn't want to cool if I am continually moving. Sometimes if I turn the A/C off & on, it will start cooling. It also may be that this happens more often after the car has been sitting in the sun.

As said, this doesn't happen all the time. The compressor is cooling! It just doesn't come on sometimes, unless I stop or turn off & on.
key fob wet in the washer took it out dried with hairdryer and changed battery
car starts but wont stay on
The Passat has 110,000 miles- has been good except for recurring replacement of map sensor in last 4 months. Auto service center is reputable but not a vw garage. Are they missing something?
change throttle pedal sensor but still light on
Dealership wants $2,200 to replace the POD. Any other options besides a dealership to do this work?
It comes on sometimes and doesn't sometimes. Does it depend on coldness in climate or what?
it has a 2.5l engine and is a USA version.
Head light was burned out. This activated the warning light. Head light bulb was changed, light won't go out.
I have recently bought a diesel 2.0 bluemotion Passat.It is my first diesel and first 6 gear car. While it is a great drive, I have TWICE stalled it while driving on main roads while changing gear. Both times, I have managed to pull in to the side but am concerned if this happened on a motorway. The car is under warranty but I bought it privately and am reluctant to take it to a VW garage yet [I will contact the previous owner] The manual does not mention this problem
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