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Neither side mirror indicator lights work...don't know if it is the bulbs until I find what fuse controls the lights...
Purchased a used 2010 Passat Komfort with 112k. Didn’t test drive on freeway (shame on me) and soon discovered tires badly cupped on inside. Then discovered 2 wheels bent and 1 cracked! Order refurbished OEM wheels and new very good tires. (Vogue BW, 60k warranty) Now when I drive at any speed I hear what I assume to be a “whopping” noise from the rear. Louder at higher speeds. Tires all balanced well. Suspension checked ok by German Autowerks in Columbus. Car does down road straight as an arrow. This noise is driving me crazy! Help! Thoughts?
I think maybe there is an oil leak somewhere because every time the low oil pressure warning comes on I check the oil level with the oil dipstick and it appears not to be filled to the max. So I throw a quart of fully synthetic 5 w 30 oil in and then I'm able to drive the car for a day or so without the warning light coming on again.
sorry about being redundant again 2010 Passat 2.0 it cranks it'll turn over for 2 seconds and died now it just cranks it won't even turn over meaning it won't stay on
Changed Intake manifold out and put all back togeather and now the car will turn over but not start
This happens intermittently - the check engine light will come on then go off shortly after. Also getting a "steering wheel lock defect" error half the time when I start my car.
checked it out with my instruments and its came with an error code p0299 which stands for an under boost in the turbo ,i ve checked the dv still intact no tear,dont know maybe its expire,i love this car pls what should i do ,its makes the noise only when you accelerate for power.
I have a 2010 Volkswagen Passat 2.0t an jus the other day it started shutting off but I had almost a full tank. So I was sitting tryna cut it on but wen I put it in drive an try to accelerate it cuts back off. So I got it towed home an a machanic came off an put the diagnostic test on an it say it was the fuel pressure regulator so I went the next day an bought that he put it on an it was driving fine so later that day I went out an it started doin the same problem it was doin before I got the part. So I don't know what it could be do anyone have any suggestions please. An Thankyou ..
i have 140k on my 2010 Passat and the check engine light came said the tensioner and timing chain needs to be replaced (both upper and lower) for about $ this a fair price? What would it cost to do it outside of the dealer? Also, with all the research i've done, it seems that the lower tensioner and chain going bad is rare, but the upper tensioner and chain have had well reported problems....additionally, from what I read replacing the upper tensioner and chain is a much easier job (don't need to take the engine apart)...any advice on how to handle this? The car is at the dealer and taken apart right now....
I put in the key and push down on the brake. Brake won't go down at all. Lights on dashboard come on, radio comes on, I can change the gears, but car won't start. Is there a safety switch that accidentally got locked and if so where is it located?
also airbag light has come on
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