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been having to add oil, don't notice much of a functional change since the light came on. I had 2 mechanics say yes, 1 said no, and 1 said maybe that will fix all the codes.
Normally, the car runs perfectly with the engine, but before hand, when we got the car a couple of months ago, it came with a bad master brake cylinder and that needed to be replaced, after it was, the shifting was very late at times and we had to use the paddle gears. My question is, could the late shifting and engine running hard be connected? Or are they both separate problems? And how could you fix them?
Codes 01314...00446 come up. Car hesitates at low RPMs. I will replace the PVC. low voltage may suggest generator but all lights works. It has a new battery. Initially when starting it clicks but starts after I pump the gas pedal.
the steering wheel is a little bit hard and the power steering signal lamp is orange what to do?
1st issue at 40,000 miles needed to have the "Water Pump Replaced (was originally going to be charged from Dealership over $800 but after I mentioned calling VW Corporate - the price dropped dramatically from $800 to $110. (yeah - car was still under warranty shouldn't have been charged at all - even got my $110 back) then in June of 2013 the EC "Engine Fault Workshop" message came on - was told is was a faulty Throttle Pedal Assembly - I had to have it replaced (3 times within a 2 week period I kept having to bring it back to dealership because even after it was replaced the EC light continued to come on more "Throttle body issues, ie wiring, etc. Then in June 2014 EPC light is on - brought it to another dealership was told it was "Internal Defect in Throttle Body" - replaced that Then in July, 2015 EPC light is back on brought it to Dealership - cause communication loss - dismissed - 2 weeks later August EPC light back on lose power won't accelerate bring it back - now told its the Throttle Pedal Assembly having that replaced now. Please help - is this a major issue with vw that I will have to deal with for the life of this car? Should I sell now- or is this poor workmanship from Dealerships?
What causes this problem?
When I push the lock on my remote to activate the alarm, the lights do not flash and/or horn does not sound. But when the door is opened, the alarm begins to sound. I've changed the battery in the remote.

Any help on what this may be would be greatly appreciated.
this is the fuse box next to the battery. someone scrambled the fuses (bad joke) and I have been able to resolve running problems. just looking for verification of all fuse locations. VIN. WVWJK73CX9P012030 VW dealer says they can't look at it until late next week.
So I bought a vw passat 09 the Guy I bought it from said he tried to install a radio and it didn't work out and they fried the wiring I guess and that's why the window's won't roll down and the ac wont work nor do the doors lock. And on the driver side the door wont close .
Any help. I just want to know how much everything will coast
Auto Zone placed their diagnostic equipment and codes P0300 P0303 and P0304 appeared. Random cylinder misfire detected explanation: air/fuel ratio probable cause Ignition system misfire condition fuel injector fault engine mechanical condition.
Vacuum leak on engine probable cause Ignition system fault injector fault
Engine mechanical condition.
( is the solution new coils, and spark plug pack?)
Please provide the solution with which appropriate parts I should purchase.
Thank you so much!
My water pump was changed a couple of years ago, now everything under the sun is breaking down. 5-6000 dollars worth. I don't know if I am being ripped off or if this is the worst purchase I have ever bought.
There is a hissing/air release sound when my car is in drive and when I brake the noise stops.
the pedle as dropt but i still get my gears ok
The chalky film covers the entire window, making it difficult to see out of. It disappears after a car wash, only to return after several days. Cycling the window up and down does not wipe off the film. Wiping with the fingers only smudges the film. The film has a chalky feel. Leaky motor inside the door/
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