2008 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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To fix temporary i turn off the car. And turn on. And the air conditioner works again.
The kick/jerk from 1-2 gear is felt more during times when the car is not "hot" yet. So mornings and such. Theres a very slight jerk going from 2>3 gear too. Reading up online, it sounds like there is a software update for this type of issue? VW service bulletin issues Dec. 22 ,2011. #10043286
There isn't any small part to glue on the glass till its ready for the mirror to be replaced??
I bought the car. And now it keeps overheating
Iwas driving my 08 vw passat when the air stopped blowing cold the radio shut off all the dash lights came on and the power steering went out and then it died
Electronic power control
My cigarette lighter plug in front and back has also stopped working
My car also tells me to STOP oil pressure is high turn off engine
Dealer wants $300.00 to fix it. Said they have to replace the entire tail light assembly. That's outrageous!
push key fob in only steering light and battery light illuminate, all controls work ie. lights, windows, locks, radio..etc. but not turning over to start. Before the check of fuses fans started and the car would turnover but not fire. Initial problem was failed coil and connector.
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