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What does the ANW Sensor mean on my 2007 Volkswagen Passat

Took car to get timing belt & water pump changed. Car had no warning lights on b4 but when I picked it up it had check engine light & EPC light on and acceleration was very weak.

my husband jumped it this morning at at 1pm it was completely dead

multiple warning lights on but no problems on any.(parking, abs, tire PSI, brakes, driver side headlight out. passenger headlight low beam only, cruise control wont set.

My engine bucks forward and backward when shifted into forward or reverse. Also a loud clank and engine movement at 2500 or 3000 rpms when it shifts gears. Changed the rear mount and passenger side mount. Still lots of engine movement.

i have passat 2007 1.6 manual when turn on the a/c the ac fan wont working and the temperature wont go high and when shutting the car the air coolant fan doesnt work ,,, how i can to repair this problem to make the fans working as well

All i know is one day the car worked, and now it won't start. The battery died and I charged it with my other car and tried to start the vehicle, the emobolizer came on. I spent time trying to figure that out and finally got past it but the car still won't start. I ran a code scan and it came back tcm error code p0864. I changed the crank position sensor and still doesn't come on. I'm not getting any spark and I believe I'm not getting gas either. I checked all the fuses. This problem boggles me and would really like to have it running again.

Hi and thanks for your help! Car is used and no manual. Is there a rest button I need to find?

The EPC light is flashing and the pick up has become sluggish and rough.Is it the alternator???

how to remove center console

Its show the turbo itself or the turbo sensor

I removed the skid plate but didn't see any way to drain the radiator.