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About a month ago, i would drive about 15 minutes to work and right when i got there the ac start coming out cold. Now that doesnt even happen. It is always blowing warm air. I put ac pro refrigerant and nothing, The air is the same.
Oil pressure dropped driving down highway then car lost power
Tested the oil pump pressure and it stays about halfway then with in a minute it drops way down to almost no pressure at all!
Considering buying for my daughter a 2005 Passat GLX 4motion with 145k miles and good upkeep from dealer who purchased it at auction. Looks and rides great and title appears clear but I'm concerned about the higher mileage (should I be?) plus the noise-enhanced exhaust (pricey? complicated to remove/replace?).
Is it recommended that EGR valves are also replaced? I am so confused and it sounds like close to 2000 in repairs that i in NO way can afford...any advice to this Lady would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance...hellllp
Could my front axle which is Leaking be the Problem?
Could it be leaking onto my a/c system?
I was told my axle was leaking oil, Repair person said my a/c could be
getting the oil on the a/c is there an axle in the front of the a/c I am confused
The problem is: P0351-354 codes keep reappearing. I have replaced the plugs and installed new coils checked the grounds at the ignition coil all appear to be good. The engine runs great with no missing. I clear the codes while the car is running and the light does not come back on however the codes come back as pending codes. If I shut the engine off the codes come back after 10 to 15 seconds and the light comes on.
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV and the new one is FHV and this problem since the replacment
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV the new one is FHV and this issue since the replacement
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