2004 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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I replaced my diverter valve now I have a pressure drop code reading pressure drop between turbo and throttle check diverter valve and I have no vacuum leak cannot figure it out what is this?
I have coolant in the transmission oil and oil in the coolant reservoir . What are possible problems? It is also overheating
Much overheating -changed thermostat and o-ring seals in water and transmission lines going to radiator. Still have overheating! Having difficulty finding the rear coolant bleed valve near firewall on top of engine. Can you help with its precise location? Have bled the other two valves. Still over heating! Is there a simple test to perform to check if the water pump is faulty (plastic impeller broken)?
Thank you We determined that the heater core is good by removing both inlet and outlet hoses and blowing thru the core. but no heat in passenger compartment. and after about 1/2 hour of engine running the temp gage wants to soar upwards towards the red-line.
Appreciate any hel[p you can give us. Thank you
When u put the car in drive it acts like it doesnt want to go once u get up to 20mph it works fine
Occurs every time now. We know that we need to change 2 spark plugs. There is a very small leak in transmission we are told.
front end vibrates at high speed
Top hose cold bottom one hot
My car's coolant scale is buck up and down after 5-10 minutes when I was driving
Timing chain is off track
If I get my water pump replaced do I have to have my timing belt replaced as well.
I am wondering if my car is totaled. It will also have some other things necessary to fix from the wreck.
Like air being released from a balloon. It heard on the passenger side front.
Usually before it comes on the can won't start until about the 2nd or 3rd try and when it does the engine is very loud. I would turn the engine off and start it again then the engine goes back to normal and the EPC light would go off...what is the problem?
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