2003 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
change oil/filter full synthedic
With very cold temps, I turn the ignition key and get absolutely nothing other than idiot lights. No click to solenoid, just nothing. If I am lucky enough, after several attempts to start the car by turning the key I will get ignition.
I havea v6 2.8 passat 2003, I'm trying to figure out why I get no heat, the ac works fine, the fan blows air, can anyone tell me where the heater core is located and how to flush?
where do i find a fuse panel diagram
Hello, I cant figure out what how to turn on my windshield wiper fluid. Can u help?
the crank case breather tube is cracked. It's under the intake. Getting oil fumes inside of car. what is the best way to change without taking intake off ?
are spark plug tubes the same as spark plug wires? and if they are not, what is the average cost for replacing the tubes and/or seals?
so my passat wagon had new plugs as well as wires replaced approximately 6-7 months ago. as of recently, she started running rough again.... after i start the car and let the idle drop, the car starts to shake/run rough. the check engine light is on and the sensor reading/diagnosis is misfire in the 6th and 3rd. if i let the car continue to run after starting it, it eventually (w/in 2- 3 minutes)stops shaking/running rough. it seems that the car runs fine once it is warmed up. my mechanic does not beleive that it is an air issue and he doesnt believe that it is the ignition coil. but i will add that there is an appearence of oil on the plugs.
The secondary air pump comes on and runs until it completely drains the battery. (sounds like a small vacuum cleaner running). I located this pump just behind the fog light on the driver side and unplugged it. This of course turned on the Check Eng. Light. Diagnostic results (Secondary Air Pump) lack of flow. I don't recall the specific code number. A new pump costs about $375. How do I know what is causing this pump to suddenly come on while in the garage at anytime and drain my battery? Is it a short circuit in the pump or the ECM telling it to come on? Anyone else had this problem?
I am having a cold starting everytine we start the car ( 4 cly turbo)
I think I need to replace the turbo, have changed the throtle body, but still have poor exceleration, and smoke from exhaust every so often. Can anyone tell me how much I can pick one up at a bone yard?
Is the machine that they plug into your car to tell you why your check engine light is on specific to the make of a car...i.e if i have my VW checked by a Ford dealer/mechanic is there a chance that it could diagnose the problem incorrectly because it wasnt a VW dealer/mechancic?
i have no heat! there is air blowing through but it never gets hot. is there anything i can check myself before i take it into the shop? i.e. fuses, belts, etc.
My 2003 Passat isw making a knocking noise when I turn the wheel. Mostly left turns, but sometimes when turning right. What is it? I have 170,500 mi.
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