2003 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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We are planning on buying a new car within the month. We would like to get this repair done as inexpensively as possible, perhaps with a rebuilt alternator.
There are no check engine lights or error codes. I have noticed a burning smell for the last few months but after driving a short distance today, the car was smoking pretty bad from underneath the oil cap.
does any body know what this stand for EPC
it is a 2.8 V6 so the whole front end has to removed to get to the alternator. so since the car is at 83,000, should i go ahead and have them replace the timing belt/water pump since they are already in there.
i loosened the bleeder but it didnt move at all even when i put a c clamp on it
my engine is shaking when it is running?
I just bought a 2003 pasat glx 2.8 with a bad motor I replaced it myself it will start but it has a really rough idle. I know on some cars there is a sequence to resetting the computer is their anything you recommend I try or will it need to be reprogrammed by a professional anything will be helpful
Do I need to use 5w-40 or can I go with 10w-30 t run in this motor?
the left headlight including high beam and the cd player don't come on.
if my timimg belt and water pump is replaced, do i have to set the timing on the camshaft?
how to instol cabin air filter...e mail
There are no diagnostic codes. I just had the front axels replaced, Air filter, one ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel filter (A complete tune up). My car vibrates when I put it in gear. Nothing was wrong before, until they changed all those things.
how many hrs to r and i radiator
My VW- 4 motion, runs roughly or a lack of power upon acceleration and The Check Engine Light will often flash.

How much more expensive are VW's to repair then other models?
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