2003 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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Changed camshaft sensor, coils, plugs, wiring, fuel pump, battery,and waterpump. Still have to turn 3 or 4 times to get started and 341 code still comes up.
A timer showed on my display this morning. there is a plus and minus sign next to it. It is increasing with each minute.;
Doesn't make any sound
i have a vw Passat 03 2.8l, having problem no heat inside cabin and after a few minutes the temp starts to get hot pass the center mark, what could cause this?
En realidad tenvo un mes con el auto sin poder uaarlo y quisiera saber si tiene arreglo porque el auto esta entero ,aqui en panama los mecanicoa que exisyen aqui le tienen miedo a estos motores y realmente de vez de arreglarlo los dañan cree q ustedes m pueden guiar por fabor
Why when my battery is full charged and all my fuses are working that when I turn on the ignition there is no lights on the panel and the engine won't start. It's as if there is no life in it at all not even attempting to turn the engine
Car would not start when turning the key foward until I kept turning it back and forth several times like it is a ignition interlock issue but not siure and now it won't start at all, when turning the key forward.
Ive had my car sitting for a quit long time already i need help!
I have been getting water in my car when it rains. The water is mostly on the passenger side floor and goes back to floor in back floor passenger side. I think the drain hoses are either clogged or not attached. Car is smelling moldy and sometimes windows don't go up when I use electric windows and also sun roof doesn't always close when I want it too.Car seems to be running hot at times I can feel the heat under the dash area while driving. get flooded every time it rains.
When using key to engage alarm, my key has stopped working leading my thought to be the internal battery needs to be replaced. What battery is needed & is this a service I can handle without fuss? Or must VW dealership attend to this to avoid complication?
Steering wheel shakes then jerk hard to the right Happens periodically
I need to buy a new pair of front axles for my 03 Passat. I need some info on what company makes a decent product? Anyone with some input on where to buy the best axles. Price range , $150- 200.. Thanks for the help. I live in Oregon, if that helps?
It is difficult to start my VW passat 1.8t 2003 in the mornings. After it has started and heated it does behave that way until i park it for long hours like 6 hours and the problem occurs. I need your help. My mechanic have charge the fuel pump in the fuel tank and still the problem is there
the speed output sensor located in the same place in a 2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 liter turbo as a 2001
How can you tell if a relay is burnt out
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