2002 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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1. How much would be a Turbo Geometry for a WV Passat (2002)
2. Tension Distributor?
3. Water pump?
I have already had a change of timing belt but need to know how much I should pay.

If I remove brake pads and rotors from my '02 outback, would they be able to get
Diacnostic codes
P0762, p0748

delay on take off and miss fire
That's all I have, I'm looking at the car to maybe buy it.
no compression and fluid in oil
Looking for a hood radiator drives fronts head light and fan and bumper
Was driving on hiway car kinda startled slowed down abs lite came on wouldnt start.changed battery drove for a few hours same thing happened now it just clicks when i try starting it all lites work fine.sometimes the radio goes out when i try starting it.what can this be.sometimes it will start but when it does i press the gas and it just goes down to the floor.any help please.

My vosvwageni pasat after warm starts irregular makes a noise and if it ceases freksjonin press
the light went out on its own after rain and wind abated and dried up and the engine light is off on its own and the shaking is abated. felt like a cylinder was not firing like a miss
but lights out now and all is better is something like spark plug or wires getting wet, the wind had something to do with it I think
It turns on but goes right off. These are all the codes that came up P0706
It turns on but goes right off.
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