2001 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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it killed my battery so I cant drive it til its fix just don't wanna pay a lot for this what could be the problem???? I need help!!
Removed top and tank seal to change pump and tubing, wire insulation and pinch to release twist fitting brittle from being in gasoline. Can't find replacement for twist lock elbow that connects underside or cap on return line to hose inside tank. Other parts and pieces can be found with pumps or pump assemblies but twist lock elbow never shown or listed in items included with parts.
bank 2 after cat sensor and flex pipe cut and welded in is larger than bank 1 though I noticed. mechanic says no vac or exaust leaks exist can you diagnosis besides being the cat car runs great too

i have replaced the ignition module, cam shaft position sensor, coil packs, plugs, wires, and still have no spark? can somebody please help me, im at a loss as to what it could be. and it will not read any codes.
I need my front bumper fixed, the right part is gone and I'd like a stronger material. There are also some scratches, dents, and I'm thinking of changing the color depending on pricing.
price for labour only, I would be providing the parts

How much does it cost to replace a tranny mount?
Every time the car shifts into 2nd gear the car just jerks.
coolant flange is letting coolant levels drop to empty reservoir
Car says STOP, Service..Does it as soon as I turn Key into ignition to on (not starting Car), heat works when car running, temp gauge pegged to max, no leaks seen..Temp guage never goes down, city, highway driving or at idle, not bubbling over either. Hoses appear warm, hard to reach the lower one.
Also it is starting hard as well, but once started, is fine all day, as long as does not sit too 3-4 hours before starting again..
checked fuses only
My battery had a bad cell so I bought a new one. when I changed it out all the electrical components work IE ,.radio, windows. Now it won't even turn over now. I put the old battery in and I tries to start but doesn't enough juice. had new battery check and it is good.
error code for speed sensor. car is in limp mode.
I replaced a Taillight Driver side and the whole Tail light assembly now doesn't work. The Turn signals as well as the Brake lights are fine . However the Taillight doesn't work on the driver side only. I had quite a struggle getting it out and I thought I might have damaged the Socket assembly . So I ordered another one for $25.00 plus shipping.. I still doesn't work . ... I went into Autozone and got some more lights and the associate said I take 2 different bulbs . 1 Single
action and 1 Dual action. ? I will try it out when the sun comes up today. "
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