2001 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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I plan to buy a used 2001 Volkswagen Passat from someone and I was informed by the seller that the turbo has gone out which causes the car to smoke at idle. Is this a serious problem and worth getting fixed.

A week ago I noticed water bubbling and pooling on the floor behind my driver seat. The water was clear; it had been raining that day and I'm assuming water was being thrown up into my car. I was able to soak up the water and dry it up completely with a fan. While doing so, I noticed a depression in the floor where the water had been pooling. A cursory visual didn't reveal a hole but noticed that there is a spot just below where the water pooled is softer than it should be, not a hole. Can anyone tell me how water is getting into the car and what I need to do. I am a senior on a limited income. The car is in excellent mechanical condition and I really need to keep it running. Thank you.

It sounds like air is escaping from something

This vehicle is getting no oil to the camshafts and lifters. Its very noisy. If you bring the rpm up it will quite down. The oil change history of this car is poor. Is this a noted problem on this engine?

Just had heater core flushed out. I now have warm air blowing from heater/defroster when I am moving. When I stop car and not moving, the heater/defroster air blows cold.

i noticed they went out after having radio on at the drive in. the dimmer switch feels warmer than usual. the headlight switch light turns on and the gauges light up as well.

it killed my battery so I cant drive it til its fix just don't wanna pay a lot for this what could be the problem???? I need help!!

Removed top and tank seal to change pump and tubing, wire insulation and pinch to release twist fitting brittle from being in gasoline. Can't find replacement for twist lock elbow that connects underside or cap on return line to hose inside tank. Other parts and pieces can be found with pumps or pump assemblies but twist lock elbow never shown or listed in items included with parts.