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My 2001 Passat Volkswagon won't fire up. It makes a electrical noise from coolant casing to under manifold. I also found a hose only hooked up to the manifold and loose. Believe it's a vacuum hose. Can't find the other end to hook up 2 feet hose if tht. Prob 18 inch rubber hose off front of manifold. All its doing is makn a buzzing and electrical sound. Please help
Whate cinde refrigerant should I use for this car
When the motor reaches the optimal temperature or the weather is werry hot, the ABS and the brake warning light come on. Then the transmission kicks down in third gear and will not operat properly until it cools down. This problem only occur in the summer. Other times the transmission is fine. Brake fluid is at maximum level.
2001 Volkswagen Passat 2.8 v6
The car was running fine.. Heater core blew out. Coolant drained while driving. Engine oil pressure warning flashed. Car lost immediate power and died. Heat gauge was only at 220-225 degrees.
Filled with water,while engine Cooled down.
Now it cranks normally,and has spark and fuel.timing belts are tight and turning with engine.
I have a 2001 volkswagen Passat with a V6 automatic with approximately 171000 miles. I had the timing belt and front oil seal replaced at a local mechanic. 4 months later, the wiring harness came loose from its restraints and got caught in the fan blade, broke and cut through the main radiator hose causing a catastrophic overheat and head damage. Is it true that the wiring harness must be detached from its restraints when removing the front of the car to access the timing belt and front oil seal? If the wiring harness restraint failure as I described is rare in the Passat, is it fair to assume that the wiring harness was not properly restrained when the car was put back together after the timing belt and oil seal replacement?
We just replaced the alternator and the serpentine belt all new parts. What could this be?
Passatt 2001 V6, Work Done: 3/22/16 timing belt and valve assembly replaced (mileage 17022), 12/28/16 main front oil seal and timing belt replaced (mileage 177236). All work done at the same shop. 6/22/18 wiring harness detached, caught in fan blade, ripped the main radiator hose in half - over heated, damage to head. My question is how rare is this type of failure of the wiring harness restraints. Is it true that the wiring harness must be detached when the front of the car is removed to access the front main oil seal and timing belt, then re-secured once the front of the car is replaced?
Cam chain tensioner rails broke off in pieces. Do I loosen the inside cam on the right bank to replace the top and bottom tensioner rails. ??
Problem began suddenly with no warning.
So randomly my CD player just stopped working. I have the six CD changer located in the trunk and when I click CD on the dash it says NO MAGAZINE. I put six new CDs in and still it says NO MAGAZINE. Is this a wiring problem? Censor problem? Please help. Its a 2000 Passat.
How long have you had this problem? 4 days
160k on vehicle.
brake pedal is very soft. Some time it get firmer pedal if I pump it
are good. The alarm would go on and car would not turn over. What should I do?
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