2001 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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Cam chain tensioner rails broke off in pieces. Do I loosen the inside cam on the right bank to replace the top and bottom tensioner rails. ??
Problem began suddenly with no warning.
So randomly my CD player just stopped working. I have the six CD changer located in the trunk and when I click CD on the dash it says NO MAGAZINE. I put six new CDs in and still it says NO MAGAZINE. Is this a wiring problem? Censor problem? Please help. Its a 2000 Passat.
How long have you had this problem? 4 days
160k on vehicle.
brake pedal is very soft. Some time it get firmer pedal if I pump it
are good. The alarm would go on and car would not turn over. What should I do?
Why does my Volkswagen Passat 2001 seem to act like it wants to jump out of gear after applying the gas when my light turns green, scary?
Bearing went out blowing the oil seal in turbocharger. Blowing out blue smoke from exhaust and using around 2 quarts of oil every 5 miles or so. After capping the oil feed line... the transmission is shifting very won't shift easily from 3rd to 4th...or from 4th to Drive? Does the "brain box" need to be reset?
I can't get to a code reader. So what can I try at home?
It also said, HO2s 2 bank heater
Circuit open
changed the batterie the remote key. what else can i try
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