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I was just advised yesterday for 1st time since buying this car new 18 yrs ago about these 2 Firewall drain tubes are likely the cause of floorboard under carpet full of water. I was trying to find them and cannot see a thing and realize I probably need to remove some things to gain access to these tubes and hoping I can get exact directions what has to be removed so I can clean out these 2 water drain tubes that have not been touched in 18 yrs of driving. I was assured 3-4 months ago my sunroof drain tubes are cleaned out perfect however I have not known a thing about the 2 Firewall drain tubes I was advised are on each side of the Firewall . Thank YOU VERY much for your help in this matter
everything turns on but my engine. I tried to him I start it but still nothing... before there were no problems just minor over heating. I drove about 16 miles turned my car off and it started fine. I drove another mile turned it off to go in store and came back out and it wouldn't turn over. it makes no noise at all. everything else turns on just the engine will not turn over..
i had a 00' vw passat dropped off to me several months ago by a friend to be fixed. he over heated it by mixing the orange and green together ,which seized water pump. he asked me to do full basic maintance. i pulled valve covers and all the vent holes in the topof covers were plugged solid. I soaked them in kerosene scrubbed the debris out rinsed and let dry a few days in the sun. I also soaked oil cap . he calls today and says oils shooting all over the place when it wasn't pre over haul. I drove the car 35 min prior day to deliver so im stummped. where do i begin looking ?
Need either the best Volkswagon repair shop in Phoenix area and or the best shop that there business is rebuilt engines.
My fuse 6 on my passat keeps blowing everytime I put in a new fuse.
What is the most likely repair and cost?
It is eating the inside of my tired bad

So I changed out the mirror switch on my door panel and after I hooked everything back up my car wouldn't start leaving me with three different light on. Also the battery has juice and tried to jump it but that did nothing. Car also will go into neutral but will not roll down windows. I'm thinking could be a harness cable in door that triggered it when I changed the mirror switch. If there is anything anybody knows please reply?
What should I check for.
the entry lock drivers side came off door, door won't lock windows wont go down when button is pressed but will was working at recent time. Automatic locks work independent of each other at times when button is pressed. thinking it's an signal issue.
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