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The code was thrown again after I replaced the cat, both o2 sensors, plugs and wires. I have checked the SAIP and EGR valves. They all work.

I compared the o2 test readings between bank 1 and bank 2 for all four sensors. They are virtually identical. Difference of .1 volt.

When I changed the plugs, the plugs on bank2 where uniformly lighter than the plugs on bank one, which were uniformly browner.

Any ideas?
changed trans. control module was told to replace this module but dont know where it it is located....leaky sunroof repaired...want my windows back none of them work except sunroof
the only way to keep it on is by stepping on the gas.... i scan it and the code i get back is p1545.... not sure what to do?
car is iddling very low n its shuttin off
i pull the hood release and that pops then go to pull plastic lever and nothing cant get the hood open
How will you know the miles?
3 weeks ago the car started shaking. and in the last week the check engine light came on and the car will no longer move into gears. Does this mean the transmission is completely shot? Also the back seat behind the passenger side gets completely soaked. Do you know what this comes from????
when a/c is turned on, the temp gauge exceeds 190 and white smoke comes from the right side of the engine. the oil light also comes on. what type of problem or repair am i looking at?
Window fell down in door
WV model 4 cyl 1.8 L
i got in a slight accident when my cars brakes locked up and can't get the car started. what do i do or what could be the problem? please help
I have a p0422 code on my passat('99) there's also an exhaust leak near the cat.could the leak cause the chk.eng.light instead of a faulty cat. or o2sensor
valve cover gaskets oil leek and smoke odor come in the car
Napa performed a diagnostic, code, PO 441, "Purge flow fault". what is purge flow fault?
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