1999 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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Does a relay control the headlamp(s)?
The car doesnt go, it just sits there and when i put it into drive it will start making a clicking sound. Then when i put it into park it will make the clicking sound go faster for a couple of seconds then stop. I read online that it could be an internal seal but i dont see why the car doesnt actually drive.
We replaced battery twice and even had alternator checked by les schwab. What could be wrong?
After about 15 miles, the cluster beeps, and all that I explained above occurs.
I changed the fuil filter some one said it could be the throttle sensor or body
Blue/black wire from cooling fan red/tan wire on left side is there a relay box in between to hook together for fan to work
1999 Passat/ Noticed: while driving front brakes wet happend after i used the Emergency brake "handle" a "few" times to stop my car. Notice; Changed "both" low beam "light-bulbs". also cheked the micro-switch on handle,
This happens everytime the car stops at a stop light or any other time it is idling.
the car is in nigeria and it happens 3days intervals
I own a 1999 VW Passat 2.8l V6. The check engine light has been coming on periodically, the code is P0118 (Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input). I was wondering what steps I can take to resolve this issue.

Currently, the only symptom is that when I try to start the car the starter cranks normally, but the engine won't start. After a few tries of turning the key, it usually starts. Sometimes I wait a few minutes and try again. If the car has been sitting for a while (like overnight or a couple hours), the car starts fine and the check engine light doesn't even come on.

What's the worst case scenario? The car overheats without warning because the temperature gauge is broken?
The car has problems starting usually only when I am making frequent stops.
i have no power to electric front windows and peterol cover button, central locking not working. i have new battery and alternator and starter motor. 2 months ago.
Once the doors get automatocally locked they can be opened with the lock / unlock switch on the driver side door
I changed the oil for the motor in my car,i used oil 10/40 castrol. how many kms can i drive my car tell the next change.
Checked heater core temp.on hoses in & out and it seems same temp is hot evenly in and out.
with blower working heat-drops
Radiator liguid level OK.
Temp. control-knob & cable seems to be operating can hear damper changing position from cold to hot.
can't find a heater control valve... What can it be????
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