1999 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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Clicking from dash and some dash lights on but I'm out the car and I have locked it
i have a 1999 passat,,my instument panel advises that the car is in drive,, although it is definately in park,,,so car wont start from iginition key,,lucky some previous owner has had a push button starter put in,,,i had no idea why,,i do now,,,my concern is now because the car thinks its not turned on the headlights wont come on,,,any suggestions any help would be great,,, love this car but cant afford to throw a lot of cash at it
Also the tach doesn't seem to be working or blinkers
I bought this used Passat and it was running ok and now it wants to drop back the rpms at about 1800 to slow idle. I can't even drive it around the parking lot now cause it keeps cutting out at that rpm.

I have spongy brakes, and checked both fluids. Brake fluid is fine, hydraulic fluid is low--can I drive the car to get it looked at?
1999 Volkswagon Passat wagon 1.8 turbo Has been running great. Got gas yesterday (not empty,,about 1/4 tank left), started car, went about 20 yards. Car died. Would not start again. Sounded like it wanted to a couple times. Sounded like it was not getting gas. I put a new pump in it. Still not starting. I disconected fuel pump from engine side, it is pumping out fine. Removed plugs, poured some gas, put plugs back in, still no go. Put spark tester to coils. All lighted up. Used tester and put plugs on the end, 3 of four did not seem to light up. One (back towards firewall) lit up well. Battery is at 11.7 now. motor spins, no go. Checked fuse for fuel pump. Ok. Ideas?
It has not overheated it works fine wat could it bee ?
It makes the sound for about 10 to 15 seconds and stop . It also shakes after its in park for 3 mins . Randomly , and I just spent 1500 getting all the leaks fixed and a major tune up .
ignition coil and spark plug are good
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