1998 Volkswagen Passat Questions

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I start and let idle heats up to normal temp and blows hot air. As soon as i get down the road a few miles the temp drops all the way down and blows cold air. Has coolant in system and no leaks. What could be the cause for this? It never over heats even during idle. Doesnt make any weird noises or drive weird. Overall is a great car
RPMs jump up and down and when I come to a stop the car wants to stall and this occurs constantly
I lost the button to open my gas door is there another way to open it... My button is in between the two front seats not on the door
My button isn't on my door it's in between the two front seats most videos talk about it being on the door.
The engine also overheats when you run a few miles, and indicates 'check coolant'. The tank dries up without any leaks
None of my interior lights work nor does my window switches. I have found fuse diagram and checked fuses are all good. What can cause these problems and how can I fix them???
Las otras luces si funcionan intermitente reversa y freno y emergencia.
Lights will not go off??
Im trying to see if the radio fuse is bad or not. Where is it behind radio
My headlights,fan for heat, windshield wipers & turning signals aren't not wking
put a new master and slave cylinder on and bench bled them both.did the two guy thing and bled again and have no air only fluid,,,,but still have no clutch
ive looked online and read that the master cylinder feeds the slave cylinder on some passats.(is this true)
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