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do I need to replace turbo ?
Have a manual, 120k, and in neutral when releasing or pushing clutch, the engine makes a jackhammer noise, only when right in the middle of pressing the clutch. Once the clutch is completely pushed down or completely released there is no sound. The engine does not make any unsettling sounds when shifting and accelerating with engine.
radio stopped working along with the blue tooth .I checked the fuse they are ok what can I do
checked fuses,,,disconnected radio no power
I drained the transmission fluid and used the measure and refill method. Change tyranny filter and refilled exactly whatI drained. I took it fora ride to establish full operating temp. The as an extra measure I removed the tranny plug again. Knowing the overflow might be there. The snorkel is as understand an over device. This insures the you can't overfill the tranny. Why did I get 12oz overflow after I did the drain and measure method.? I drained the tranny cold. I did overflow at full operating temp.
after dealer fixed the tensioner the cat light came on they said the intake manifold needs replacing,how could this happen? will it fix the problem or will there be something else?
Dealer says engine tear down next step. Is there anything else I can check before that? Car is running fine other than engine light on.
..had the battery checked at Autozone. Verified its at full charge. Only other weirdness is the front head lamp is burnt out.
No problems, noises or anything before this. Vehicle sat overnight in garage after driving, no cool weather but not cold. Anything I should try before calling the tow truck?
Is there some recommended cleaning method that works and is doable by a weekend mechanic?
It seems to take FOREVER for my 2010 TDI Jetta to heat up in the winter. I asked VW to flush the heater core, and they told me that it is the way the car is, and there is nothing to do about it. I drove from my house to the dealer, 10 miles, and I just got heat when I pulled into the parking lot, which is about a 20 minute drive from my house. What gives?
just changed the transmission fluid at 181,000 miles. It's an automatic and it is having problems changing gears and the RPM ramps way up and at times stays there before it will change. It's starting to do this every time I drive it now.
At 60,000 miles, the MFD on my 2010 Jetta Sportwagon TDI started blanking out with no apparent pattern. Sometimes the MFD will blank out after 10-15 minutes of driving, but come back when I turn the ignition off; sometimes not. Occasionally, turning the car off and then back on restores the MFD; sometimes not. Sometimes, the problem occurs everyday; other times, I'll go days or weeks without the MFD blanking. The analog gauges and indicator lights in the cluster continue to work; just the video display screen goes dark. The VW dealer says they found a diagnostic code indicating a "communication" problem with the MFD and advises that the MFD circuit board is cracked and needs to be replaced - $564 for the board; with labor - $715 plus tax. The service guy didn't say if that was for the whole cluster or just for the MFD circuit board, but did advise there were "none available."
I saw elsewhere on RepairPal that this is a known problem with the VW Passat and seems to be temperature-related. My MFD doesn't seem to care what the weather is outside.
My question: is this a component failure, i.e. the pieces/parts of the MFD circuit board itself or a connectivity issue, i.e. how/where the MFD board is connected to sensor output, which might be solved by accessing the interior of the cluster and cleaning/repairing the connectors?
would you suggest a new filter or do I need to look a little closer for any cracks in that area of the transmission? already took car apart once and ready to do it again but want to get all parts before hand even if I have to take unused parts back. Any suggestions on parts? Also how do you put trans. oil back in?
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