2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Questions

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located on fire wall.
The center read-out in the dash has gone to yellow at the top and red about 3/4 of the rest of the bottom. There are no longer any didgits in the area where it used to read out the speedo,ect. Has there been any repair put out or does anything need know who can repair it. It's pretty hard to sell a car without most everything working. HELP PLEASE!!!!
There is no smoke coming from the exhaust, and there are no noises that we can here.
The shifting issue disappears at times and shifting becomes normal during those times, for a fairly short period of normal shifting but then back to difficult shifting. The shift lever operates smoothly between gears but is difficult to engage the next gear without extra pressure. Is the problem internal or possibly external shifting linkage play? I am having gear lube replaced next Wednesday.
What is your diagnosis?
John C.
line besides fuses ant tank fuel pump.
when fuse is blown I have 12.? at top and 14.? at bottom when motor is running
my 2006 Jetta 1.9l tdi, makes a sucking sound when accelerating. Heavy black smoke rolls out. seems to run ok once on highway, but mpg is slipping.
I just had my 2006 vw Jetta tdi air conditioning compressor replaced under extended warranty by AAMCO . They did not replace the dryer nor the expansion valve ??? Is this proper ? The air does not get cold right away . :(
needs camshaft
need lifter kit
My car started and ran fine at 6am, but when I tried to start it 3 hours later, the engine wouldn't even crank. All I heard was a clicking noise. I tried jumping it from a friend's car to no avail. I called roadside assistance and they tried to jump it, but confirmed that my battery was fine. About the third time he had me try to start it, the clicking noise stopped too. So now when I turn the key, absolutely nothing happens other than the dash lights coming on. Any ideas as to what might have caused this? Bad starter maybe?
i have checked all the fuses and replaced them. replacing the fuel filter, hoping that will work. wants to crank over but wont.
I've never bought a diesel before and I've been told they can last well over 3,000 miles. I used to have a GTI so I'm familiar with how much VW can cost for repairs. Is having a diesel car more of a headache than a gasoline car? I know you will save up front with gas however, I also know maintenance can catch up with you long term (from what I've heard) Also is the 06' Jetta TDI known to be reliable? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated thank you! :D
Replaced glow plugs speed sensor carbon flap and wire harness plus 5 wires. 2 different trips..still happening when it rains. Something is getting wet and app dealrshp cant find problem. I NEED HELP BADLY !!!Glow plug and oil light will come on and car dies. Runs perfect when dry weather
I was on a long road trip and not paying close attention. Since I had never seen a yellow ethanol pump before, I assumed it was diesel. I had a half tank of diesel then I filled up with ethanol. It ran fine for about 6 hours, and then the engine sounded strange and started knocking a bit. I filled up with diesel again and drove a couple more hours to make it on home. The engine light came on now. Is there much I could do, or is there some damage that needs to be checked by a certified vw mechanic? Thanks
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