2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Questions

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What can be the reason that courses vibration on my car while driving on a traffic between 0-10km/h, and reduces the speed while driving on a slope?
I recently helped a friend put a bypass kit for the EGR on his Jetta , as soon as it was completed we tried to start it and nothing except one small engine bump, does the ecm need to be reprogrammed after this action is completed for it to run?
I have 167,000 miles on my Jetta. I commute 300 miles to go to work once a week. During freeway speeds, when I have to brake fast in traffic, it throws my transmission off. Will be slow at shifting. All I have to do is pull over, turn off my car and restart it, it corrects it until the next time. I had the solenoids replaced a couple years ago. I am assuming it is electrical? Also, I turned my car off, lights set at off and the driver side would not shut off. I got in drove around the block and they shut off. Electrical again? Thank you for comments. Sharon
The injector system is pompe duese and the body style is mk4 which seem to indicate a particular type of hard to find, hard to fix turbocharger. I don't know if it's Borg-Warner or Garret or other.
I have a 05 vw jetta and it is leaking some kind of oil on driver side up front kind of behind tire. Its not a bad leak at the moment but I check everything and all fluids was full. Has anyone had this problem or know what it may b? I plan on taking to the car repair place this weekend.
Intermitting problem, When warmed up I turn ignition off, and wait 5 min. then start again, the problem may go away or not?
All vacuum hoses are connected!
they said i need a new computer. now my gas pedal is broke i would like to know how about how much it would cost to replace it
the engine will turn but it never turns over. its been like this for 2 wks now.
My car has had the filter replaced and it still wont start
mainly the ones that have to do with starting the car.
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